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Guest_Name: Steve and Sue Hill
Country_or_State: hilldad48@yahoo.com


My wife and I stayed at the Wonderland Hotel in 1986 after driving the entire Blue Ridge Parkway. I was wondering what happened to the grand old place. I guess I found out. We really enjoyed rocking in the rocking chairs on the grand front porch and reading taking in the cool breezes.

Richard replies: I have not published the latest photos, as the place is falling down completely. Such an inglorious end to a wonderful institution.

Guest_Name: Reid Rawlins
Country_or_State: Vienna,GA


I love your website, whenever I get stressed I can bring up your pictures and escape to the mountains.

Guest_Name: Wayne Fleming
Country_or_State: Tennessee


Didn't know til recently I was kin to Henry Whitehead or ''Tiger Whitehead".I remember standing on the porch of the cabin when I was a child. Most beautiful place I've been on earth.

Guest_Name: Colette Prestigiacomo
Country_or_State: Louisiana


I enjoy your website very much. The Smoky Mountains have always been my favorite place to go. I have never been when the leaves where changing. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Guest_Name: Connie S. Weaver
Country_or_State: South Carolina


A native of Maryville, TN; thanks for the photo screensaver that reminds me of "home" every day!


Guest_Name: SSG Demetris Vance
Country_or_State: North Carolina


Your web site is very much appreciated by the Soldiers who loves the outdoors, that are currently deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Thank-you very much.
SSG Demetris Vance
Camp Rustamiyah, Iraq


Richard replies: Hello Staff Sergeant Vance,

Thanks for taking the time to write. It is a great honor for me to be able to provide some (albeit very small) moment of comfort and home for all of YOU heroes who are putting your lives on the line for us every day. We owe you all a debt of gratitude that no words can express.

God bless you all, a hope that you all return home safely, and soon!

It is I that thank you!

Guest_Name: Linda Dunham
Country_or_State: Birmingham, Alabama, USA


I love your website. I will be making my fourth trip this year (2005) to the Smoky Mountains Thanksgiving weekend. I feel like it is my "home away from home".

Guest_Name: Shelia (Clevenger) Smith
Country_or_State: Texas


Beautiful! I am originally from Big Stone Gap Virginia
and miss the mountains.

Guest_Name: Mateo
Country_or_State: USA CAL.


Very cool site i love those mountains

Country_or_State: LOUISIANA



Guest_Name: Alley Cooley
Country_or_State: Nebraska


You're pictures are great. I am from Tennessee and fixing to move back in a week. You're photos have gotten me psyched!!
Allison Cooley

Guest_Name: Kris Flammang
Country_or_State: Illinois


I LOVE this site. My sister lived in the mountains of Virginia, she passed away 2003. These pictures remind me of her. Thank You!

Guest_Name: Warren Brand
Country_or_State: Louisiana


I have been to the Smokies many times and each time I go I love it even more. Thanks for many pictures. I can enjoy them every day. God Bless You.

Guest_Name: Tammy weaver
Country_or_State: tennessee


Very pretty pictures. I am using your site to show friends of mine that do not live or have ever visited here before.

Guest_Name: Marian Baker
Country_or_State: U.S.A.


Hello, just wanted to say, your photos are breathe taking! Kentucky is such a beautiful place to live all year around. You have captured Natures beauty.
Good job!
Keep up the good work!

Guest_Name: julie tardiff
Country_or_State: thibodaux, louisiana


We have just returned from a trip to Tennessee. It's beautiful there. We stayed at Timber Tops Cabins in Pigeon Forge. We would definitely like to go back sometime. We would like to stay in Gatlinburg closer to all the attractions. Our cabin was beautiful and so peaceful. We have recently been through a couple of rough hurricanes here, and things have been quite depressing so it was great to get away & relax.

Guest_Name: Glee Henderson-Collins
Country_or_State: Columbia, SC


Dear Richard,
Indeed, your photos' are absolutely THE best that I've ever seen in my 61 years; What a talent YOU are! The Smokies are my most favorite place in this world and your creative views of them are truly breathe taking! Perhaps I should use a different term than the latter, because just now I'm very ill with a lung infection... I e-mailed a note to family & friends, along with your photo of "the Chimneys in Fall", saying, "If I should croak, scatter my ashes HERE because I'll be so much closer to heaven!" At least my senses of humor & beauty are quite healthy!
Thanks for lighting this day for me!
Most sincerely,

Guest_Name: James
Country_or_State: NY


Great site. Thank you :)

Guest_Name: Mary D
Country_or_State: York, Pa


I wanted to go on a mini getaway so I chose Kingsport, Tennessee. I fell in love with the area. It is so beautiful and the people are so kind and friendly. I loved it so much that I went back twice in 8 months. I hope to move there some day in the next few years. It is breath taking scenery. I think I found a true love. Thank God for the beautiful state of Tennessee.

Guest_Name: nancy y
Country_or_State: VA


You have a fantastic website!!! I absolutely love the pictures!!! Your pictures inspired me to head towards the mountains this coming weekend to check out the fall colors.

Guest_Name: Dale Schahczinski
Country_or_State: Illinois


My family an I love the Smokies. One of the most relaxing and reflective places I've ever visited.

Guest_Name: Sharon Bonin
Country_or_State: N. Attleboro, MA 02760


I haven't been there in a few years but loved the area so much I bought land in Sevierville, TN. !!

Guest_Name: rex abrigo
Country_or_State: philippines


your site was very nice and the photos are so very nice and beautiful.

Guest_Name: dennis wood
Country_or_State: texas


i am moving to this heaven on earth

Guest_Name: Sierra clagett
Country_or_State: missouri


Your pic,s on the smokey mount. are gorgeous thank you soo much it helps with my school project alot!! P.s. I am only in 6th grade!!

Guest_Name: Michele
Country_or_State: Kentucky


I want to say that I love the website. The Great Smokies are very wondrous in beauty. Heaven on Earth. God blessed us with a miracle. This brings many memories back to me of when I went to see them at both Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg a long time ago with my family. The memories are still very cherished now and will be for a long time more. Thank you for your time and effort in showing nature at it's best. I want to mention, too, that I saw them on trips to Nashville. While I was in Nashville one time, I saw Ralph Emery leaving a Holiday Inn. My grandparents didn't see him from the distance of inside the car to the parking lot, but I pointed him out to them. They were happy about the trips to Tennessee then as I was. It was great fun seeing Cherokee, North Carolina for my family has the Cherokee Indian bloodline heritage in it. In talking about my grandparents, my grandmother passed away in 1999 on May 7 and my grandfather is still living and a stroke survivor. He's still confined to a wheelchair, but I still share lots of old times with him and he loves talking about them, too. So does my mother and the rest of our family.

Guest_Name: Ann Benning anncbenning@home.nl
Country_or_State: Heerlen, Netherlands, Europe


What a great site, love the pictures. Makes my homesickness to Tennessee a bit easier. Lived for 17 yrs. in Knoxville. We lived there from Dec. '56 till Feb.'73. And we went alot to the Smokies and Gatlinburg too of course. I'm Dutch, but also feel half American. Being raised there. Miss the country, hills-mountains, lakes, haven't ever made it back yet (31 yrs.) Still a dream to. Remember what I left behind, so much has changed, but the Smokies are the same I see, beautiful as ever. Saw on Google Earth that Knoxville has changed big time. Our old houses where we live are still there I saw. Do you also have pictures of Knoxville?? Lived there so long, and I don't have any photo's. But I'll be looking at your site more now. And enjoy the beauty of the Smokies and the peace it gives.
Thank you so much, for bringing me back a bit closer. God bless you

Guest_Name: Pam McCartney
Country_or_State: Washington USA


What a wonderful site! Your pictures help to calm an otherwise busy and stressful day here at work. Thank you very much.

addition to previous note. I'm of Celtic descent and have ancestral ties to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and the Appalachia area in general. So I put on Celtic music, view your pictures, and it seems to soothe my soul.

Guest_Name: Patsy Downing
Country_or_State: Kentucky


Thank you so much for helping keep memories alive for me. My family and I used to visit the sites you have photographed. Due to my health, I can not travel that far anymore, but you have brought the most beautiful place I have ever seen to me. Thank you!!!

Guest_Name: Tyhie
Country_or_State: Charlotte


I have never been to the Biltmore and i'm going on my birthday but by the way it sounds from various people and by this web site its very exciting.

Guest_Name: Hamid Khan Yousafzai
Country_or_State: Pakistan


good work and nice photographs,,,i love it.keep it up.

Guest_Name: wade webb
Country_or_State: florida


raised in bryson.

Guest_Name: pam dadekian
Country_or_State: massachusetts


your photos were beautiful. thank you for posting them.

Guest_Name: Henson Cove Place B&B and Cabin
Country_or_State: Hiawassee, GA


Excellent work

Guest_Name: patricia hughes
Country_or_State: mississippi


photos are breath-taking...i will be back so keep 'em coming

Guest_Name: Samantha
Country_or_State: South Carolina


We love the Smokies, especially the Gatlinburg area. These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of the area. Thanks for sharing.
Had problems, however, downloading the desktop wallpaper onto my computer.

Guest_Name: amy@azerivista.com
Country_or_State: WA


Absolutely beautiful.
I took a bunch of pictures, and I can't wait to get them developed.

Guest_Name: Laura Barsottini
Country_or_State: Massachusetts


Your site is beautiful! I am about to visit the Smoky Mountains (Townsend) for the first time (10/23/05). Can't wait to see all the beautiful foliage and wild life!




Guest_Name: marsha
Country_or_State: Indiana


AWESOME pictures, love your site.

Guest_Name: Cindy
Country_or_State: Florida


Your pictures are beautiful & they brought back many good memories. I have been to many of the places you have photographed. I was in Maggie Valley last year with my cousin & had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, we won't be able to come this year, so I am doing the next best thing & viewing pictures on web sites. Your site is by far the best one I have seen. Thank you for the memories revisited!

Guest_Name: Robin Holloway Waddill
Country_or_State: South carolina


Breathtaking. MY great grandfather was "Black Bill Walker". My grandmother was Louise, daughter of Mary Anne Moore. The scenery makes me feel closer to my grandmother who grew up in Walker Valley.

Guest_Name: Bridgett Covell
Country_or_State: Tn


Even though I'm only 2 hours away from the Smokys' it never seems to amaze me of all the views there is to see.We had a wonderful week there this summer and can't wait to escape back there again soon .These are Wonderful pictures that show why I love where we live.

Guest_Name: Shirley Farmer
Country_or_State: Deerfield Beach, Fl


I have to say that the ocean and this area is beautiful, but there is no place on earth like the Wonder Must Smoky Mtns!! I am from the hills of Tn. and I miss it so much. I would love to get back there more than I do, but you have Done an excellent job of sharing it with us in your gorgeous photos!!! Thanks so very much for that.. I am a descendant of Cuziah Tipton and found you thru that.
smiles from Fl:)

Guest_Name: Josef
Country_or_State: North Carolina


Wonderful pictures that again make me realize what I love about the Smokies and why I look forward each time that I have the opportunity to visit. Though I live in the Eastern part of the state my soul longs to live in those magnificent mountains. Thank you again for the visit.

Guest_Name: Cheryl
Country_or_State: Georgia, US


I love your webpage! The Smokies are the most beautiful place I've ever been. Thank you for putting all those wonderful pictures on the internet for viewing. Its great! Makes me want to go visit Cades Cove right now!

Guest_Name: thomas widmer
Country_or_State: green mountains upstate vt


this is a beautiful site, and i look thru your pic,s often, we also have colors such as this , but your mountains are a bit larger, coming your way next month , enroute to Florida, i love driving thru the smokies, and you have captured , the wonders of GOD, with your work, GOD BLESS, and keep up your wonderful; works , you truly have a talent , tom

Guest_Name: diana
Country_or_State: state of tennessee


can you please send me some handbooks because me and my roommate want to move there next year and find us a place to live in gatlinbug tn on the mountains and those handbooks will come in handy thank you

Guest_Name: Connie Quigley
Country_or_State: Medina TN (West Tn)


Beautiful. I was there in May, but there's nothing like the Smokies in the fall. Will be there in November. Can't wait!!

Guest_Name: The Michielsens
Country_or_State: new York


We are looking to relocate and Gatlinburg, smoky mountain area is one possibilities esp. after viewing your wonderful pics. Thank you. The Michielsens

Guest_Name: Terry
Country_or_State: Alabama


Searched and Surfed your page great work

Guest_Name: Rosty
Country_or_State: Alabama


Awesome site

Guest_Name: Kolora


I have been recommending the site to some of the people I have met through work

Guest_Name: sharon orozco (shelton)
Country_or_State: Colorado Springs Colorado


I am from Tennessee and I miss the brilliant colors of fall.
We have color out here but nothing like back home. thank you so much.

Guest_Name: Vicki
Country_or_State: Michigan


Yours are truly some of the most beautiful pictures of the Smokies that I have ever seen...thank you for sharing them1

Guest_Name: Barbara DeLair
Country_or_State: Ohio


My family and I have vacationed in the Smokies for over ten years now. It is such a beautiful, relaxing place to come and visit all the nearby towns, people, attractions, shopping areas, and restaurants. From the time my daughter was little, VACATION MEANT GATLINBURG AND THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS!!!

Guest_Name: Karen Robertson
Country_or_State: Fayetteville, NC


Gorgeous! I'm going to the mountains in October and these photos just make me want to stay there forever.

Guest_Name: Oalmann
Country_or_State: Texas


My dream is to retire in the Smoky Mountain area - but until then, I can visit anytime, thanks to your wonderful website. Many thanks for the breath-taking photos.

Guest_Name: David Richards
Country_or_State: United States


Enjoyed the pictures

Guest_Name: danyell
Country_or_State: texas


went to the great smokies this summer and it was just beautiful. the best vacation i have had yet.

Country_or_State: BORDEAUX FRANCE




Guest_Name: Mary Johnson
Country_or_State: Boone NC


These are the best photos I have seen of the mountains and I have enjoyed this so much, Thank You

Guest_Name: Mary Eleanor Day
Country_or_State: Florida and Alabama


Richard: I had lunch with your wife, my beautiful cousin. She told me about your web site. I am quite impressed. I have not seen everything, and I want to look at the stationery again. And, I haven't seen quite all of the pictures. Love to all, Mary Eleanor

Richard Replies: Thanks Mary Eleanor!!! I am glad that you are enjoying the photos!

Guest_Name: Jessica McIntyre
Country_or_State: Iowa


I been to the Smokies a couple times while going to N.C. and Georgia and I loved it where I stop for a couple days in Pigeon Forge. I would love to come back anytime to see the wonderful view. I miss living in the Mountains and it brings back GREAT memories for me when I live in Colorado Springs. Love the PICS.

Guest_Name: Dot Crane
Country_or_State: Louisiana, USA


The highlight of every year is the time we spend in Pittman Center. Try to go twice, once in the spring and then in again in late fall or early winter. Your photos capture the true spirit of these mountains. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

Guest_Name: Stacy Timko
Country_or_State: South Carolina


I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and was brought to South Carolina with the military. I miss home so much sometimes that seeing these beautiful pictures help me to feel just a little bit closer. The beaches are nice but they never change I miss the seasons of home. I love the website and appreciate the piece of home that it brings.

Guest_Name: James L.Walker
Country_or_State: Ga.


My folks took me here many times my dad spent the night there as a kid growing up. His dad was Sharp Gibie Walker from Jefferson county. My dads name is Fred Walker in Dandridge TN.

Guest_Name: Kathy Walker Kral
Country_or_State: West, Texas


Love your site, I'm a direct descendent of the Walker sisters (matter of fact I have 4 other sisters!) and visited the cabin 2 years ago and it was wonderful! My dad was John (mni) Walker from Virginia

Guest_Name: Kitty Arscott.
Country_or_State: United Kingdom


Wow fantastic photos, haven't reached anything else yet. A wonderful site and makes me ache to do as well with my camera and paints! Reading Bill Bryson and searching for material on the Appalachians brought me to this site and how I'd love to visit this part of the world! Thanks.

Guest_Name: Rena
Country_or_State: Tennessee


Richard, I live in the Tri-cities, just northeast of the Smokies. I have always loved "my mountains". These pictures are AWESOME! You have captured the true beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. Thank you so much for sharing!

Guest_Name: Lori Clark
Country_or_State: Florida


Thank you so much for sharing this site with us. Your site beautifully portrays the Smokies.

My fiancée and I will be honeymooning just outside the Smoky Mountain Park. We are looking forward to seeing the beautiful vistas and plan to go on the train through the mountains.

Thank you again for sharing these pictures with us.

Most sincerely,
Lori Clark (soon-to-be Fullerton) :)

Guest_Name: Brandie
Country_or_State: Mississippi


I loved your website. I have been vacationing in the Smokies every yr sence I was 3yrs old.My great grandma and all of her 7 kids started going to the Smokies. Going to the Smokies has been a family tradition for about 40yrs. I love hearing stories about their past trips. I am looking forward to taking my kids and grandkids to the Smokies 2. Keep taking beautiful pictures and I will keep coming back to your website.

Guest_Name: Jeannie
Country_or_State: Indiana


Beautiful photos. We love the Smokies. Cant wait to live there one day :)

Guest_Name: James L.Walker
Country_or_State: Ga.


My folks took me here many times my dad spent the night there as a kid growing up. His dad was Sharp Gibie Walker from Jefferson county. My dads name is Fred Walker in Dandridge, TN.

Guest_Name: Frances B.
Country_or_State: Columbia, SC


I visit the Smokies every couple of years or so...Your beautiful pictures make me want to go NOW! Great site. :)

Guest_Name: JOANN



Guest_Name: Debbie Houghton
Country_or_State: Sarasota,Fl


Love your web site!

Guest_Name: Jane Weaver Vineyard
Country_or_State: Georgia


Thank you for a beautiful web site. I grew up in Gatlinburg, TN in the 1940's and 50's and remember when it was just a small town and all the establishments were owned by the townspeople. That was a special time for me and I have many, many pictures of those days and would never part with them. Thank you for the way you have captured these beautiful mountains.

Guest_Name: Dan Nobles
Country_or_State: South Carolina ( Charleston Area )


I have been visiting the Smoky mountains since I was a kid with my parents. I even lived in West Ashville area for 2 years while in school and loved it. I'm getting ready to come up in 3 weeks for vacation and your site has got me wanting to leave today! Good layout and content, nice pics, I'm sure to add this to my favorites list. What is about these mountains that make me what to climb them? Anyway thanks!

Guest_Name: L. Webb
Country_or_State: Illinois


Your photos are truly breathtaking. We are leaving tomorrow morning to visit the Smokies for the first time on a family vacation. I'm so excited! Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Guest_Name: Suze Baker
Country_or_State: northern BC Canada


I just came across your photo of *spring* (Photo 782) Funny how certain areas of the continent regularly used the words spring, leaves and snow in the same sentence!

You have some beautiful photographs; looking through them was a glorious escape from the northern muskeg. Thank you. Always pursue your gift with such passion.

Richard Replies: One of the things that I love best about the Park is the unpredictability of the weather ... that year we planned on examining Wildflowers on the Tennessee side of the Smokies, only to discover that the Newfound Gap Road was closed due to heavy snow.  The date was April 19!  While that is not unusual for British Columbia, it's somewhat rare in the Southeastern  States! Thanks for writing. The photo Suze referred to is here.

Guest_Name: Jessica Mclean
Country_or_State: Noth Carolina


This site is nice

Guest_Name: Dave Browne
Country_or_State: British Columbia Canada


Fantastic photos! Some shots remind me of New Brunswick, where I was born, some remind me of B.C. where I live. Excellent work, hope to see more!

Guest_Name: Peggy Trivett
Country_or_State: Bristol, Tennessee


My family and I have been coming to Smokies ever since I was a child. We love it. It is the most beautiful place on earth!!!!! I have treasured pictures of the mountains as far back as 1957. I now take my children to visit ever chance we get. I hope their memories of the mountains are as fond as mine.

Guest_Name: Linda Klawinsky
Country_or_State: Texas


We love the Smokey Mountains and try to visit every other year or so. Your web site is the best I have yet to see.

Guest_Name: Bertha
Country_or_State: United States


You have some very beautiful photos, on your site, I could not resist a few, for wallpaper, or my pc. I hope you don't mind. thank you..........bertha

Guest_Name: Becky
Country_or_State: Germany


nice site

Guest_Name: Larry W Bates
Country_or_State: kentucky


Coming to Gatlinburg this week end and was looking for place to go to.
Enjoyed your site very much.

Guest_Name: Donnie Mickal
Country_or_State: Lafayette, LA


I stumbled upon your site, and I must say it is wonderful. I am a big fan of the Smokey Mountains, I go there every summer, sometimes twice. But, this will be the first time in years I will not be able to make the trip there. Your pictures bring back great memories. I have hundreds of pictures that I look at often. I have some great wildlife photos, especially of bears. I hope to move up there one day, if I can find a job. Thanks for the site.

Guest_Name: tommy jones
Country_or_State: mississippi

Guest_Name: Richard O. Keller
Country_or_State: California


Great Nephew of Horace Kephart. He was my maternal grandfather's brother.

Guest_Name: Debra Chandler
Country_or_State: Tennessee


Great pictures, especially the autumn slide show.

Guest_Name: S.THRASHER
Country_or_State: TN.


It,s a very nice site to visit. Thank you so much for sharing your passion for the outdoors with the rest of us. May jesus bless you with all his goodness according to his love that works in us!!!!! Again, thank you

Guest_Name: State Senator Raymond Finney

Country_or_State: Eighth Senatorial District, State of Tennessee


I recently have been given the honor of serving as state senator from the Eighth Senatorial District (Blount and Sevier counties, Tennessee). A major portion of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is in my district. I have been researching Web sites related to this district to place as links on my senatorial Web site (www.raymondfinney.com). I found your site quite by accident, but it now is a favorite. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park truly is one of the most beautiful places in America. I am honored to represent this area. I thank you so much for sharing our area with the world with your photographs. Your photographs are beautiful, but photographs cannot compare with personally seeing the Smokies. Any person who loves nature and beauty and wishes a wholesome, family-friendly vacation should visit us.

Name: Norm and Nancy Keeran

Country / State: Waynesville NC

Comments: We lived in Houston Texas for many years and found the Smoky Mountains and move here 6 years ago. We love it and only wish we could make it a part of TEXAS.

Name: Diane Hardy

Country / State: Texas

Comments: What a beautiful site...it was hard to choose where to go first. It has been my pleasure to visit the Smoky Mts. with my sister a number of years ago. I cannot wait to go again real soon. A five star site!

Name: Gwen Backman

Country / State: South Carolina

Comments: I love this sight, and thank you for the gorgeous wallpaper of Gatlinburg. This way I get to see Gatlinburg every morning before I start my day. It's a peaceful feeling that only the Great Smokies can give you. Thank you again!!!

Name: Bruce Edwards

Country / State: NY

Comments: I'm from Bryson City, NC, living in upstate NY for 30 years. The Finger Lakes are beautiful country, but when my friends go on about the fall season here, I can show them what real fall foliage looks like. Thanks ...

Name: D. Tyler

Country / State: Alabama

Comments: I have thoroughly enjoyed these beautiful pictures. They capture the whole reason we return year after year to the Smokeys, in the Fall. Keep up the good work!

Name: kat

Country / State: sc

Comments: what a great site! I have enjoyed your photos so much, thanks for posting them. You have a real talent.

Name: Kathy Whitmire

Country / State: California, USA

Comments: Thanks so much for sharing. Your photos are awesome and incredibly beautiful to a California native who has never experienced so much fall foliage. It has helped with looking forward to a wedding 10/30/04 in Gatlinburg and seeing Cades Cove.

Name: Don Eckert

Country / State: Fl. USA

Comments: Pictures are breath taking, can they be downloaded for wallpaper and screensavers?

Name: Karin & Shane

Country / State: Bradenton Beach, Florida

Comments: Lovely, awe-inspiring photos! We are moving to NC from Fla. in a few weeks and your photos keep us going! Thanks a million.....

Name: Bill "Burnt Stick" Neel

Country / State: Florida

Comments: I found your site by accident. I have seen so many of these views. Thank you for capturing them with camera. As you said, "you have to be there".

Richard Replies: Cool nickname, wonder what the history is?

Name: Andreas Heltmann

Country / State: Germany

Comments: very good

Richard Replies: Vielen Dank!

Name: Pat

Country / State: Florida

Comments: I grew up in Blount Co. I still miss the Smokies. Your site is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Name: Lana Rossi

Country / State: USA

Comments: The Tennessee Flower Growers is holding their conference over there so I am borrowing a photo for their website temporarily. Thank you so much.

Name: rebecca

Country / State: Illinois

Comments: My family cam from Tenn. I do hope those elephant people don't make it another desert like Africa. The state is so beautiful and the world is getting smaller by the day.

Name: Jordan Lee

Country / State: USA

Comments: "Carolina Autumn" (my most popular song ever  paints a picture in words and music of the incomparable wonder of The Carolina Mountains in Autumn! These are among the most beautiful photos I've seen yet! Just awesome!

Name: connie mathley

Country / State: us

Comments: im looking for Cherokee or creek with the name dehart my great grat great grandfather was gabreil dehart from olive hill ky can you help me my grandfather was troy h. dehartgre

Name: Kimberly Adams

Country / State: Colorado

Comments: Now I really can't wait to move back East!

Name: Jeff Cope

Country / State: USA


Country / State: TENNESSEE


Name: Don B Morgan

Country / State: Calhoun, Ga. U.S.A.

Comments: I love your photos of the fall colors and love the Great Smokey Mountains Thank You Very Much

Name: tracey

Country / State: wales uk

Comments: i was lucky enough to visit the great smoky mountains in sept 1993,forgot how beautiful it was! thank you for reminding me with these wonderful pictures!!

Name: Cheryl L. Douglas

Country / State: Ontario, CA

Comments: We plan on visiting the park the 3rd week of October and figured we should probably stay in Seiverville or Pigeon Forge. We'll have our 36' RV but not towing. It appears the only place to rent a car is Seiverville but I haven't checked out any RV Parks yet, I know Pigeon Forge has several. Is I-40 still closed? If so, how do we get there? We'll be coming from the east (Bumpass, Va). I can't wait! I'd appreciate any help you can give me. We're leaving CA on the AM of 10/8 and leaving Bumpass sometime on 10/17. We're going back there for our friend's wedding. Thx in advance!


Country / State: TEXAS

Name: Jeannie S.

Country / State: Houston, Texas

Comments: I downloaded your lovely smoky Blue Ridge Parkway photo for my desktop wallpaper. I remember driving that road in my youth and you have captured it perfectly. Thank you.

Name: Clara

Country / State: South Carolina

Comments: I love your website. I found it while looking for photos of the Smokey Mountians. I'm ready to go to the mountians right now. God paints as no person ever could.

Name: Deb

Country / State: Texas

Comments: What breathtaking pictures of God's creation! WOW WOW WOW! We definitely have to visit these incredible places. Thanks for all the time and effort.

Name: Paula

Country / State: Louisiana

Comments: Your website is great! I am going back to the Smokies this October- it will be my 5th trip. I absolutely love it and would love to live in the Smokies one day. Kinda hard to leave all the good cajun cooking but I suppose I could learn how to cook and then move :)

Name: Mark

Country / State: Indiana

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Richard Replies: And one day I will go the birthplace of golf and play a round at St. Andrews! Thanks for signing my guestbook!


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Richard Replies: Congratulations on you marriage ... I hope you both enjoy the Smokies as often and as much as my wife an I do!

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Richard Replies: It's a sad fact of life that our pets don't live as long as we do ... we've adopted a six year old Calico named "Pilgrim" that has brought tremendous joy to our lives ... I hope to have his story online soon!

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Richard Replies: Thank goodness the Park decided to preserve this homestead, and thanks for the uplifting commenrts!

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Richard Replies: Gee thanks ... I think!

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Richard Replies: Thanks for thekind words!

Name: Debi Pinell

Country / State: Arkansas

Comments: As a former Tennessean, I am especially happy to see the shots prior to "intense" development. You can't get these anymore, a fact that I often bemoan. Thanks for the memories.

Richard Replies: Ah, the bane of development.  It grieves me to see how much greenspace is lost every year, but a long hike into the backcountry helps me appreciate the treasure of the park that will remain forever!

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Comments: I lived in East Tennessee for sometime during the 1990s and still visit several times a year. I still have family there. I always weep when I have to leave there to come back to the uptight, constipated Northeast. Your photo albums are wonderful! I happened upon your website while "googling" for anything about the Great Smokies which would make me feel less homesick. Thank you so much!

Richard Replies: You're welcome, thanks for the kind words.

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Richard Replies: No, thank YOU Tony, and all of our men and women serving around the world, especially in the Middle East.  I am proud to provide what little comfort I can to all of the homesick people of our armed forces.  Godspeed!

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Comments: Hello Richard, very nice site, I have plans to make one soon also.....I am working on my genealogy and when I get more info I will make my site.....We are Georgetown, Texas people who came from Salyersville, Ky....New Jersey, and Long Island, N.Y. and of course Norfolk, England in the 1600's with other freedom seeking folk......thanks for the memories and rest stop, must be moving on....Gerald Dee Salyer

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Name: Steve

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Comments: Thoroughly enjoyed all the pages of the photos. Have been thinking of taking a trip to the area, and your photos are great encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to share them with all of us.

Name: Deborah Rasberry

Country / State: New York

Comments: New Yorkian by residence, Smoky Mountian with every heartbeat. Your photos are a chance for me to come home any moment of the day. Thank you.

Name: bev32102aol.com

Country / State: carthage,ms

Comments: Beautiful

Name: bob benton

Country / State: oklahoma

Comments: some of my woody, mann, mccright, all came from there and went to texas, thanks for the pictures, is so beautiful.

Name: Leah Chester

Country / State: Oklahoma

Comments: I love the Smokies!! It has always been one of my favorite places to visit. Was glad to find this Website

Name: Karen Dalton

Country / State: Lebanon, Indiana

Comments: Thank you for having a web site so that I can enjoy the Smokies when I can't get there.

Name: Linda Beasley

Country / State: Cullman, Alabama, U.S.

Comments: Smokey Mountains is my favorite place to go and I deeply appreciate the free screensavers you have. They are truly beautiful. Thank you

Name: Kenneth

Country / State: OHIO

Comments: I cant travel any more and take any more trips to the smokies any more so I enjoy making the trip with my computer

Name: Kristi

Country / State: Grand Rapids, MI

Comments: Thank you for sharing your breath-taking photos. My fiance and I am heading to the smokies in a week; I've been visiting my whole life, but this is his first visit. Your photos were wonderful for showing him the beauty of the mountains. He is so excited now he's counting down the days until we leave!

Name: Warren Brand

Country / State: Louisiana

Comments: Thanks for the Photos. I have traveled to Tennessee many times and loved the beautiful places I have seen. You have made my hectic day become peaceful.

Name: Jim Melton

Country / State: Tennessee

Comments: My Mother was born in the Smokies-in Walkers Valley (Tremont), My grandparents are buried in the Park at Tremont-and I was raised there in Townsend my first years-Love the Smokies and consider them my home. I have a lot of memories & I thank you for the great pictures that are so close to home.

Richard replies:  Thanks Jim, thanks to folks like your grandfather and the other CCC workers, we have a beautiful treasure today!

Name: Mary

Country / State: Belgium

Comments: These are very nice pictures, thank you , this is my way to visit the mountains. Beceause I will never able to go there.

Richard replies: Never say never ...

Name: Aerrica &Tasha

Country / State: tennessee

Comments: wow it is a great and colorful site

Name: Sandy Payne

Country / State: Tennessee

Comments: Your beautiful pictures made me cry. They reminded me of times I spend hiking or riding horses with my Dad when I was younger. We lived in Cades Cove many many years ago....those pictures also brought back memories. Thanks!

Richard replies: Thank goodness the Park saved the cove in some ways like it was.  Or it would be condos now!

Name: Mikayla Gottschalk

Country / State: Ellis,Kansas


Name: Sheila Cheatham

Country / State: Ava, Illinois

Name: glenn sumrall

Country / State: mississippi

Name: Gerald Joiner

Country / State: Georgia

Comments: You are truly blessed with a fine talent.. thoroughly enjoyed all the photos!!!!

Name: Gail Bender

Country / State: Florida

Comments: Awesome pictures!!!!

Name: Mike Kampfer

Country / State: OH

Comments: I stumbled across the Smokies in July of 1996 on a vacation to Nashville. Instantly, I knew this was the place I wanted to come back to. My wife and I were married in Gatlinburg in 1998. We have vacationed on our anniversary there every year since. It is our escape from the hectic city life, and renews our souls. If one has never been to the Smokies, the experience is spiritual. Thanks for the great photos. I have some of the exact same photos I have taken myself over the last few years.

Richard Replies:  I think you meant to say photos taken of exactly the same subject!  I take many photos of the same subject year after year, just to see how different they are.  That's the fun of the Smokies, every day presents a new opportunity to get a "different" photo of the "same" subject.  I am thrilled that you and your wife share the mountains together.  It is my wish that you both will spend many, many more happy days in the Smokies!

Name: Frank Fearnly

Country / State: Connecticut

Comments: After just one visit to the smokey's, I fell in love with the place.Your album brings back many great memories of places I saw, and shown me many more I haven't gotten to see yet. You've quite the eye for photos. Thanks again for taking me back again!

Name: Cees LeConte \ cees@leconte.nl

Country / State: The Netherlands

Comments: Beautiful pictures. I hope once in my life to visit that country

Name: Glenn Hickox

Country / State: Middleburg, Florida

Comments: Love them Smokies!

Name: John

Country / State: Georgia

Comments: Those are some beautiful pictures.........well i like the page, i hope you keep up the great work :)

Name: amber

Country / State: pensacola florida

Comments: I love your beautiful pictures they are so great around the fall the mountains start calling us I'm planning on coming in march i just love it there and wish we could move up there

Name: Catherine and Malcolm burke

Country / State: florida

Comments: i love your pictures of the falls there so beautiful

Name: Pete Newton

Country / State: UK,

Comments: Breath of fresh air. Nice one. Visited NC 1996

Name: Cindy King Mangelsdorf

Country / State: New Mexico

Comments: I love the pictures of the Walker sisters cabin. I am a descendant of Wyley King, who built the cabin. Its an awesome feeling looking at something that was built by a ggg-grandparent!!!

Name: Oga Mumu,

Country / State: Nahere

Comments: Hello why their is no email addresses on your guest book, could you pls creat a chance for that. thanks

Name: James F. Green, Sr.

Country / State: Gastonia, NC

Comments: 23 Jan 04 I visited Cataloochee Valley for the first time yesterday and was uplifted by the scenery & the 6 elk that crossed the road in front of us. From Waynesville, NC, we drove in on Cove Creek Rd. that contained many scenes just the opposite of your photos of the lush natural history. So many of the local people desecrate their own environment with abandoned vehicles, trash, and other junk. Perhaps you could photograph their human instituted ugliness, show it to them, and hopefully, cause them to remove their "mess". The same trashy scenes can be viewed along sections of Enola Rd. in Burke County, NC. I suppose that we must have natural parks to offset blight created by selfish people. Thank you for documenting beauty and sharing it with others.

Name: Toni

Country / State: Alabama

Comments: My husband and I just made our 1st trip to Gatlinburg and it was so short that we didn't get to see much of the area but after looking at your photos we can't wait to go back! Your photos are AWESOME!

Name: Ron & Rita Longenbaugh

Country / State: Indiana

Comments: Love your site almost as much as the Smokies! Thanks for making me homesick for them and wanting to come back even more often!

Name: Ka'eo Sams

Country / State: Honolulu, Hawai'i

Comments: It's so far away, but your beautiful and artful photographs bring me so close to these mountains and hills, I can smell the smoke from someones fireplace or feel the sun on my face. Mahalo

Name: Patricia Kummerow

Country / State: Baltimore, Maryland

Comments: Beautiful photos


Country / State: U S A California

Comments: WHOW great site

Name: michael dyer

Country / State: AL

Comments: simply beautiful

Name: Donna

Country / State: pennsylvania

Comments: your pictures are beautiful! we have been to the smokies several times and I can't wait to return. thanks for sharing

Name: mark webb

Country / State: anderson sc

Comments: Plese send me a copy. Thanks

Name: Richard

Country / State: GA

Comments: Great site

Name: Darlene Stearns

Country / State: USA- Florida

Comments: Love the photo's. Love Gatlinburg in the fall. Darlene Stearns West Palm Beach Florida

Name: Miranda

Country / State: Oklahoma

Comments: I wish that you'll could awnser my questions straight off with out me having to look for it

Name: Phil Saunders

Country / State: Ohio

Comments: Great websight! The Smokies are a wonderful place, I only wished I lived closer. Thanks

Name: Karen Cabe Gibson

Country / State: Charleston, South Carolina

Comments: I was born and raised in Sylva, N.C. Thanks for the great pictures. It's been a long time since I've been back when the colors were this great!


Country / State: EAST TENNESSEE


Name: Cindy Stidham

Country / State: Lexington, KY

Comments: We love the Smokies! Our favorite place to be. Thanks for offering these great photos for free so we can enjoy the beauty of the Smokies everyday! If anyone has not been - go! You will be glad you did. :)

Name: Roger Marshall

Country / State: Florida

Comments: You have a great website, keep up the good work.

Name: Leif Karlsson

Country / State: Sweden

Comments: Hi! I just surfed in to your nice site and I just want to tell you how much I like it. Really high quality photos! If you feel like it look at my panoramas at my site. http://www.lk-panorama.com Best Regards Leif Karlsson

Name: Mary

Country / State: Florida

Comments: This is one of my favorite places.

Name: Darlene Lee

Country / State: Florida

Comments: Beautiful.

Name: nancy smalley

Country / State: ga

Comments: Enjoy your page very much.

Name: donna craft

Country / State: usa

Comments: your pictures would make anyone want to live in the mountains. I am from magee, ms. we have no mountains.

Name: M. Teller

Country / State: Florida

Comments: My husband and I are planning to visit the Smoky mountains in July, and I just can not wait, the photo's are breath taking.

Name: mike jensen

Country / State: nebraska

Name: Carolyn Smith

Country / State: Mississippi

Comments: Beautiful photography. I use as screensavers year round to remind me of my favorite part of the world.

Name: Patt Haugen

Country / State: USA

Comments: I soo enjoyed looking at your photography. I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and even though we are "hills" some of your scenes remind me of where I live. Unfortunately, we do not have the beautiful colors. You have done a beautiful job on your website too. Thank you for making it so easy to ask for permission to use your work. Sincerely, Patt

Name: Karon Willoughby

Country / State: Florida

Comments: I miss the smokey mountains. I lived in east Tennessee not far from the smokies about 10 years ago. Living in Florida now, I sure do miss those beautiful mountains. I am so glad I found this website. Looking at the pictures makes me homesick!

Name: Jenna Townsend

Country / State: Georgia

Comments: I've just recently visited the Smokies in Gatlinburg for the first time and it was beautiful. Your pictures are wonderful. They portray the beauty of the mountains and all of its surroundings so well. I aspire to become a professional photographer and your photographs inspire me. Thank you for sharing them.

Name: Alison Lamond

Country / State: Maine

Comments: Absolutely breatktaking photos. We are visiting the Smokies for the first time in May of 2004 and these photos have me wanting to be there now.

Name: Geoff Young

Country / State: Texas, USA

Comments: An incredibly attractive and interesting website. I could view photos of places I have visited, e.g., the Oconaluftee River, Mingus Mill, Oconaluftee Visitors Center, and many others. Thanks for your efforts.

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