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Q:  I wanted to see photos of Cades Cove, but they seem to be scattered all over the place?

A:  Use the search feature to find the phrase Cades Cove.  It will produce an entire page of Cades Cove links.  

Q:  I noticed some factual errors in the text.  What should I do?

A:  Email Richard.  With hundreds and hundreds of photos, it's hard to get everything correct.  All corrections are graciously accepted!

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A:  Due to the large number of requests I get, I cannot send photos via the mail.  You may print the online photos on your color printer for your own use, or if you are a publisher I will email high resolution tiff files suitable for printing.

Q:  May I share a screensaver with a friend?

A:  Absolutely!  But please be sure to mention that you got it at SmokyPhotos!  Of course, commercial distribution is prohibited without express permission from me!

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A. Actually, there is no catch at all.  I just like the idea of my photos appearing on desktops around the world.  The last photo of each set has a small SmokyPhotos logo in the bottom corner.  Hopefully, your friends will want one on their computers too!

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A. Just email!  I'll be happy to oblige in exchange for credit and two samples!  More info.

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