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What is SmokyPhotos?

SmokyPhotos is an online archives of photographs of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, taken by Richard Weisser.  It was conceived in December 1999 as a method of generating interest and support for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by providing free images for websites and print publishing.  The site moved to SmokiesWeb in February 2000, and now offers free screensavers, Outlook Stationery, and Windows wallpaper.  What makes SmokyPhotos unique is that every photo, picture, and image, including backgrounds and clip art, are the original work of one artist.  It takes thousands of hours to create a 1000+ page website from scratch, but the result is a complete presentation package unlike any other in the world.

This site is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all areas of the Park, nor is it intended as a travel planner. Rather, it is a showcase for the works of Richard Weisser.   It includes only original photographs and artwork, and does not solicit photos from any other source. 

Contact info:

Mailing Address is:

c/o Richard Weisser
45 Frayser's Court
Sharpsburg, Georgia 30277


Notice to print editors, writers, and publishers:

Nearly all photos are available in high resolution file formats for print publishing.  Some of the originals may not be suitable for significant enlargement, but most are. You need only email with your request, a description of how the photo will be used, and provide two samples of the actual publication containing the photos. (One for touching, one for my display case!)

Schools, charities, and non-profit organizations may write for permission to use photos for fund raising, tee-shirts, mouse pads, etc.

All other commercial use may require a licensing fee.  Please email for permission.

Note:  Actual photos and transparencies are not available.  All transfers must be via email or an upload to an internet site.  Please be sure that you know the file format and resolution that your commercial print shop requires.  Most photos are delivered within 24 hours.  Please click here for an example!

Frequently asked questions regarding publishing:

Q. We are a print magazine.  Can you supply a high enough resolution for a cover?

A.   Yes

Q.   We would like to alter your photos for a specific project.  May we do so?

A.  Yes, but you must still credit the photos as indicated at http://www.smokyphotos.com/index.php. If used in print, you must still supple two copies to me.

Q.  We are not a commercial company, but would like to use our personal printer to use your photos for brochures, cards, CD covers etc.  May we?

A. Yes, but you must still credit the photos as indicated at http://www.smokyphotos.com/index.php.

Q. We are selling collections of photographs, may we include yours?

A. Some commercial applications may require a licensing fee.  This especially applies to the direct sale of photographs.  Please email for details.

Other frequently asked questions:

Q. I am a professional or amateur artist, and I would like to use your photos as an inspiration or model for my artwork.  May I do so?

A.  Yes, if   for your private use, do as you like! For commercial or commissioned work, please credit as appropriate, such as mention in a catalog entry or gallery brochure.  Also, in either case if you would like to mail or email photos or slides of the finished works, I would be thrilled to see them!

Q. I would like to get a high resolution file to print on my printer and frame for my wall.  May I get one?

A. SmokyPhotos gets over a thousand unique visitors every day, therefore, it is impossible for me to supply individual requests for photos for personal use.  The idea in supplying the free photos to web and print publishers is to enhance the presence and prestige of SmokyPhotos by exposing the site to as many people as possible!  You may print the wallpapers on the site, as they are of sufficient resolution for printing!

Q. I am making a scrapbook for my own use about the Smokies, may I use the photos directly from the web?

A. Yes. Individuals may print the photos for their own personal use at any time!

Some facts about Richard Weisser:

Richard Weisser lives in Sharpsburg, Georgia and has been taking photographs for over 33 years.  Sharpsburg is only about a four hour's drive from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so many of his photographs are taken in the Southern Appalachian highlands of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. He graduated from North Hills High School class of 1971 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and attended Carnegie-Mellon University.  All photographs are taken with a Nikon 8008s on 35mm film and scanned on an Epson Perfection 1200u Scanner. 

Richard is also the owner of Coweta Fayette Real Estate, Inc. in Sharpsburg, Georgia.  If you are considering a move in the future anywhere in the US call Richard at 770-827-6225

All photos are the property of Richard Weisser and use is restricted by rules posted at http://smokyphotos.com.

Also, please visit my other site at:


Email richard@smokyphotos.com


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All photos and content copyright 1999-2015 by Richard Weisser, all rights reserved. Use is restricted by rules posted at: http://www.smokyphotos.com/index.php.

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