If you wish to share photos or posts on social media, you may do so by using the appropriate sharing button. This is an acceptable use, as the authorship information is already attached to the post. You need not do anything else and thank you for sharing!

If the photos are used in any other manner, the following rules ALWAYS apply:

Please note: Use of the photos on the web requires proper credit ans a hyperlink back to SmokyPhotos. Omitting the link is a violation of the license agreement. Please read all of the rules below!

If right Click has been disabled. To request photos please use the contact form.

On the Web:

  1. You must add the phrase “Smoky Mountains Photo Courtesy of Richard Weisser and” linked back to somewhere near the photo.
  2. You must email me with the URL where the photo is located.
  3. You must give me permission to link back to your site
  4. The maximum number of photos that you may use on one site is 6.  The total maximum you may use on Multiple sites is 18.  Use in excess of these limits requires a licensing fee.
  5. You may not use the photos on any site that contains obscene or pornographic material, or any site that links to obscene or pornographic material.
  6. SmokyPhotos reserves the right to withdraw permission at any time if an abuse is not corrected, and that determination shall be solely at the discretion of Richard Weisser and SmokyPhotos.
  7. You must place the images on your server, and not consume bandwidth from SmokyPhotos.
  8. You must delete the files if you discontinue using them.

In print: (high resolution available upon request.)

  1. You must add the phrase “Photo Courtesy of Richard Weisser and” somewhere near the photo.
  2. You must send me two samples of the printed product for my collection. (One for touching, one for my display case!)
  3. You must allow me to mention your product on this site.
  4. You must use the file only for the purpose for which you get written permission.
  5. You must delete the files when you discontinue using them.
  6. Failure to observe these rules will result in a licensing fee.

SmokyPhotos and Richard Weisser reserve the right to delete any registers users for any reason.

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